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Try Fisher's Award Winning Deer Products


Tired of the same old deer products in oversized portions?

Try some of our new products this year like Venison BBQ.


All deer products, including steaks & roasts, are vacuum packaged to last longer in your freezer.

Our deer product packaging is designed for smaller portion sizes to reduce leftovers that often end up being discarded.

Snack sticks are individually packaged.

Summer sausage in 1.3 lb chubs rather than the typical 3 lb logs.

Fisher Deer Processing

2018 Deer Processing Charges

Skinning & Boning


Shoulder Mount


If You Keep Hide


Skull Cap


Boning of Quartered Deer


Boneless Meat Brought In

$15.00 min

Cut/Grind/Wrap (Minimum $15.00)


Breakfast Sausage


Beef or Bacon added to Burger


Pork added to Burger




Deer may be brought in for processing during normal business hours.
Deer drop-off and pick-up is only available at our Portland location.
We accept both whole deer to skin and boneless or quartered deer meat for processing.
Note: Please do not transport deer meat in garbage bags as they are sometimes treated to reduce odor.

Further Processing Charges


Summer Sausage (approximately 1.3 lbs/stick):

Regular – Hunters – Bologna



Jalapeno & Cheese – Regular with Cheese




Other Products Offered:

Hot Dogs (8-1)


Brats: Regular or Cajun    


Brats: Jalepeno & Cheese


Smoked Sausage


Snack Sticks: Regular (green weight)


Snack Sticks: Jalapeno & Cheese (green weight)


Jerky: Ground & Formed (green weight)


Jerky: Whole Muscle (green weight)





Boneless meat   M U S T   be CLEAN & FAT FREE


Please do not bring meat in garbage bags.


1Prices based on product finished weight

2Pork added to all sausages and included in price

3Price based on green weight

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